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Fillings are used in the repair of cavities in teeth. Teeth are susceptible to cavities through the daily consumption of food and beverages. Cavities are small areas of decay in and around the tooth structure. The decay in cavities is often caused by sugar and bacteria or from food and beverages, which remain on the surface of the tooth for an extended period of time.

The sugar and bacteria then find their way into the weaker spots of a tooth’s enamel on the outside of the tooth. When the enamel is compromised, the bacteria infiltrates the structure of the tooth by forming a small hole or cavity, in the outer wall of the tooth. If the cavity hole is left untreated, the entire structure of the tooth can be compromised and the decay can quickly spread, leading to painful intrusion into the inner layer of the tooth or dentin.

The method most dentists today use to remedy the problematic situation of cavities, is by drilling the area of decay away from the tooth’s structure and then using a tooth colored material to fill the hole or cavity, that remains. This tooth colored material acts as a replacement enamel on the tooth. In previous decades, it was a common practice to use metal fillings to remedy cavities. However, the dental community throughout the years has moved away from the practice of using metal or “amalgam” fillings.

In an effort to be more aesthetically pleasing, the switch was made to the tooth colored material or polymer. The “amalgam” or metal method of filling cavities in teeth was put out of practice in order to curb exposure to mercury both for humans and the environment. These metal fillings were comprised of fifty percent mercury with remaining parts comprised of silver, tin and copper. Many Lafayette dentists have done away with the practice of using the metal fillings for the belief that the mercury contained in these fillings is leached into the body over the years after their use.

Today people have a closer eye on their dental health, which is so instrumental in a person’s overall physical health. Dental fillings are only one service among many that a qualified dentist or dental hygienist can provide. Dental fillings are a common dental maintenance procedure that are all too common for the majority of people around the world.

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